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What is California Privacy Law 2020?

The California Privacy Law 2020 is a bill intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, United States. It was created to protect the privacy and data of consumers. The California Privacy Law 2020 is intended to give the right to handle consumer’s personal information. The act requires businesses tell consumers what data it’s collecting and gives consumers the right to say no to the sale of their personal information.

When will the California Privacy Law 2020 be implemented?

The California Privacy Law 2020 becomes effective on January 1, 2020.

Intentions of the California Privacy Law 2020

The intentions of the California Privacy Law 2020 are to provide Californian residents with the right to:
1. The users must be well aware of what personal data is being collected about them.
2. The users must know whether their personal data is sold or disclosed and to whom.
3. Users must say no to the sale of personal data.
4. Have proper access to their personal data.
5. Request a business to delete any personal information about a consumer collected from that consumer.

6. Not be discriminated against for practicing their private rights.

7. Create new rights around the use and sale of sensitive personal information, such as health and financial information.
8. Provide enhanced protection for violations of children’s privacy by tripling CCPA’s fines for breaking the law governing the sale of children’s private information.
9. Require transparency around automated decision-making and profiling, so consumers can know how algorithms are evaluating them in ways that affect the job offers they see, the loans they’re eligible for, and other decisions that affect their lives.
10. Allows consumers to sue businesses if “email address plus password” are stolen due to a business’s negligence, to help cut down on identity theft by encouraging businesses to invest in good security.

Definition Of personal Information according to California Privacy Law 2020

The California Privacy Law 2020 defines personal information as information that is linked to or associated directly or indirectly, with a costumer such as data like name, alias for the name, address, email address, account name, security numbers and passport ID’S.


The California Privacy Law 2020 enforced the laws for guidance and protection of consumers data and security. Many of whom are struggling to protect themselves in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem, where hacking and identity theft remain a terrible problem. This makes it possible for the costumers to have the right to take control over their information. In other words, this is about power: the more a company knows about you, likewise, the more power it has to shape your daily life. Similarly,

we are engaged in a new experiment now, where a handful of giant corporations know almost everything about us. They are following every one of our digital footprints. As a result, analyzing that to control what we see every day. However, these are perhaps the most powerful tools for influence in human history. Shouldn’t consumers have a choice about how their own data is used?

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