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World Youth Summit For Peace

About WYSP

The “WORLD YOUTH SUMMIT FOR PEACE 2019”, organized for dealing with such environments, has the potential to be among the most significant gatherings at this point to bring about a positive change in the history of mankind as youth has tremendous abilities to deal with the challenges which whole mankind is faced with. They will exchange their experiences, share views and find the path on the platform of International Human Rights Commission which will lead whole world on the way to Peace & Prosperity.

World Youth Summit for Peace is a Platform worked by promising youth. It communicates something specific of harmony, success, amicability, and advancement to the whole world. It draws in youth from around the world in an enhancing set-up, enabling them to trade sees and prescribe activities to leaders and compelling figures. This is an opportunity for you to draw in with best policymakers, connect with promising youth from around the globe that are resolved to improve our reality a place for everybody.

The Youth delegates & Youth Ambassadors  will come together for Conference in an open forum which encourages dialogue on the Human Rights Protection, Efforts for Peace, Empowerment for Women, Welfare of Children, Youth Development, and Respect for Dignity, Education, Health Services, countering drug trafficking, crime prevention, Anticorruption, Human Trafficking, Prevention of Substance Abuse, Interfaith Harmony and Justice for all with the follow-up reports on the 1st Summit Declaration and efforts under taken by the WYSP Secretariat. During the Conference, the delegates will discuss all the issues and crisis going on around the world. They will come up with solid polices as to how all these issues can be solved and how all human rights violation across the globe can be stopped.

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