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SMS Marketing In Islamabad

SMS marketing is very efficient because with just only 160 characters you will be able to communicate with your audience. This also ensures that your message is concise and clear, thus there are no chances of confusion that arise as a result of long messages.

Are you looking forward to integrate SMS marketing in your business marketing strategies? 

This is a great decision because of the following benefits.

SMS is an effective channel with a reading rate of 89 percent within 10 minutes. Thus, you can be assured that your critical messages will be read instantly. This means that the information you are communicating will reach the targeted audience within a very short time and call them to take the required action.

SMS marketing is great strategy because you can use short codes to simplify response and create your database. You can have your customers make the first move by adding keyword to the print collateral or a short code, advertisement boards and the social media. This means that within a short time your customers will get familiar with the brands’ keyword and code, making it possible for them to interact and give response.

SMS marketing enables you to receive feedback from your customers through surveys. According to studies, it is estimated that 31 percent of customers respond to different surveys through SMS with the average time taken to give response being five minutes. Thus, within a short period of time you get great results.

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