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Windows 7 end of Support?

Windows 7 end of support is month away. Therefore, Microsoft wants you to know that it’s time for an upgrade. Most importantly, company already has been pushing out a reminder to Windows 7 PCs. After that, Microsoft will be more aggressive related to the Windows 7 end of support. Meanwhile, it will start sending out a full-screen pop-up warning. According to Microsoft, starting on January 15, 2020, a full-screen notification will appear in Windows 7. That will describes the risk of continuing to use Windows 7.

After it reaches the end of support on January 14, 2020. In short, the Windows 7 end of support will pop-up. A reminder message that tells users about Windows 7 end of support. As a result, if user continues to use windows after the Windows 7 end of Support has ended. The system will be more vulnerable to viruses.
Microsoft will warn Windows 7 users who haven’t upgraded their PCs. As a result they are “more vulnerable to viruses and malware” due to lack of security and software updates. There will be three options to dismiss the message, including the ability to remind later, learn more, or don’t remind again. The full-screen prompt will remain on the screen until a Windows 7 user has interacted with it.
This full-screen pop-up might come across as annoying for Windows 7 users, but there is a good reason behind it. Running an operating system that is no longer supported. Meanwhile, it is a downfall as you won’t be able to get the latest security patches or updates. To stay protected from viruses.
However, if you’re still running Windows 7 on your PC or laptop in the coming January 2020, you do have a few options. Most importantly, as we mentioned earlier Microsoft ended the free upgrade path to Windows 10. It is still technically possible to get or upgrade to the newer operating system for free. On the other hand a user can go out and purchase a new system or laptop. Many of which are likely to be more modern. They are more likely to have better specifications than your current device. To sum up, if a user does so, you always can tweak Windows 10 to make it look just like Windows 7, so you’ll feel right at home.

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